Personal Trainers in Harrisburg, PA

Our Mission

Performance Fitness Training exists to provide the necessary tools to create and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle with physical strength, mobility, and performance to better the quality of life.

What makes PFT different?
Our Harrisburg, Linglestown, and Mechanicsburg personal trainers can boast true success testimonials, measurable data, and undeniable photos of the results our clients have earned. Motivation is an essential element of what we do but
it is our knowledge and our abilities to implement that knowledge that sets us above. We
invest in and care for our individual clients and provide tools for life changing behaviors.
Our role goes beyond that of just a fitness coach and into the lifestyle coaching as we lead and assist our clients to bettering their lives beyond the physical aspect.

Our Harrisburg Fitness Trainers

PFT close group

We are a team of trainers for every individual client.

PFT Policies create the platform for us to best serve our clients and get optimal results
-Monthly minimum and month-to-month thereafter
-Cancellations must be submitted in writing
-Performance Fitness Training reserves the sole right to terminate a contract at any time
-There are no prorated refunds for partial uses of a month of services
-A 24 hour notice is required for cancellation of an appointment.  Missed training weeks/partial weeks may be made up within that month provided the required 24 hour notice is provided but may not extend into the next calendar month.