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Looking for a Harrisburg nutritionist?

The ultimate solution to positively affect your body composition and weight loss is PFT’s weight management program, which combines PFT’s nutrition counseling and personal fitness training for lifetime results! This program is designed to help our clients plan and execute their nutrition and fitness programs so they can achieve their maximum potential in fitness and life, whether that includes losing weight, training for competitions, or planning meals for everyday life. We will provide you with the PFT nutrition manual along with the education, support and accountability to reach your goals!

Achieve body composition goals such as fat loss or muscle gain.
An individualized nutrition program can help you reach your body composition goals in an effective, safe and long-term way. We will take an initial assessment of body weight, body fat, body measurements to identify how you should be eating for your specific goals with the elements of what, when, and how much. We will regularly monitor your weight, review food logs, trouble shoot for improvements and accountability.

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Live a healthy lifestyle.
Learning how to read nutrition labels, strategically grocery shop and prepare healthy meals/snacks are critical skills needed to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our program is not a diet or quick fix; this is a lifestyle of treating your body with respect, avoiding starvation and deprivation, and understanding the importance of frequent meals. You will learn what foods to eat by choosing whole foods, without neglecting any food group.

Work at 100% of your physical potential and perform consistently in training or competition. Optimizing your results in the gym and on the field, reducing illness and speeding recovery can be obtained with a personalized, well-timed nutrition strategy.

*Nutrition Counseling offered in combination with fitness training

Ewa Roman before and afterTestimonial provided by Ewa Roman, nutrition and training client

“Performance Fitness Training has allowed me to finally live the lifestyle that I’ve always wanted. A healthy one. From the first day I started working out with the team, I saw results.”

—Ewa Roman


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Marlene Cosner before and afterMarlene Cosner

After going through the Performance Fitness Training nutrition plan

Nick before and after


After going through the PFT Weight management program.

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