“Working with my trainer, Nate, and Performance Fitness Training has been a life changing experience.  I was getting so large and I was starting to have difficulty doing simple, everyday tasks.  I knew after the first couple of weeks that I had finally found what I needed to make the lifestyle changes necessary to a healthy life.  After 6 months I feel like a new man with a new lease on life!  I can’t thank Nate and the staff of Performance Fitness Training enough!” – Steve Hornbaker has lost over 66 pounds and 32 inches so far!

“After having laproscopic surgery on my right knee in March of 2016 I followed the doctor’s orders concerning rehab.  However, I just didn’t think it was returning the way that it should have.  Then I started working with Andrew with Performance Fitness Training.  The work that he did with me knowing that I had just had a surgery was amazing.  I have regained the strength in that right knee that I doubt would have returned just following the ‘doctor’s instructions’.  I just want to recommend this avenue for anyone who has had that type of surgery and wants to regain full use of that area!”    Ron Reeder

“I really want to thank you for the path you have shown me. I hit my goal of losing 15lbs and I also lost 3.25” off of my waist , 2.25” off of my hips, 4.5” off of my thighs and 3” off of my chest. I really wanted to thank you for getting me going and you guys at PFT, you really know what you’re doing. I’ve been fighting this weight and out of shape issue since I got out of college back in 1982. With PFT’s help I can see light in that tunnel and you guys have moved me closer and closer to my ultimate goal of getting under 200lbs. Sorry this was so long but just wanted to blow PFT’s horn a little for the help you have given me . My trainer is awesome. I’ve learned so much from him- nutrition, exercise etc. Take care thank you again and thank your company for helping me down the right path.”

Dave Eusi

“Signing up with PFT is the single best decision I’ve made for improving my health. I am certainly not an athlete, nor am I the picture of grace. I have pretty severe orthopedic and neurological issues which have been worsening over the past several years. Due to my deteriorating condition and decreased ankle strength, I had stopped exercising, and then had stopped monitoring my portion sizes for meals. This brainiac maneuver had resulted in a very large weight gain in a relatively short amount of time. I felt ashamed but was unmotivated and too embarrassed to seek out a gym due to how bad my gait was becoming. I knew I had to do something when I kept avoiding invitations to visit my friends in CA. I didn’t want them to see that I had gained a grotesque amount of weight, PARTICULARLY since one of my biggest complaints about having to move back to PA was that, “Central PA is full of fatties who don’t care about themselves, I bet there won’t even be any gyms in the area.”. Ooops, Karma is a B^!~#. Me and my big mouth, Ugh. In any case, I was overwhelmed with the amount of weight I had gained and I didn’t know where to begin. I needed a game plan, so I came to PFT. I met with Tom who was friendly and positive and didn’t make me feel self-conscious.

Nate was awarded the pleasure (my humble assumption) of working with me. I am SO VERY LUCKY that Nate got stuck with me!!! He has the patience of a saint. I love working with PFT, they are always upbeat, positive and encouraging and I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. My tainer has constructed an effective exercise regimen around my abilities and comes up with work-arounds and accommodations as necessary. He is a true professional and is very knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise. And I really appreciate that he is very supportive and encouraging to me despite my clumsiness. I really like my nutrition plan, I’m never hungry. It’s based on whole foods, proper nutrition and smaller but more frequent meals/snacks. I’ve always wanted to try eating smaller but more frequent meals but didn’t know how to implement it properly. My trainer has guided me through this nutrition plan, and he continually comes up with adjustments and recommendations based on my needs.

PFT has gotten me RESULTS! In about a year I had lost over 65 pounds and 4 pants sizes. I am now the size I was 3 years ago, before I had gained the weight!!! In fact, my GOAL JEANS are LOOSE, Yay!!! Being a girl, first and foremost I care about what I look like and my clothing size. However, what I’ve found most rewarding of all is how I FEEL! I feel strong, vibrant and healthy. Okay, I’ll say it, I feel a little cocky too. Just sayin’. perhaps my trainer Nate has created a monster…

I would not be where I am now had I not signed up with PFT and worked with Nate. I am SO HAPPY that I made the phone call, met with Tom, and signed up! ALL of the PFT trainers and Platinum workers are friendly, encouraging professionals who continually make me feel comfortable and supported coming in. THANK YOU Nate and PFT!”

Dena Robinson

“I tried gym memberships and exercising at home in the past but failed to stick with any program. I was gaining weight, losing muscle tone and strength. I decided to try the personal training services offered by Performance Fitness Training. I am so thankful I did! During my first workout with Jordan, I realized a personal trainer can provide invaluable information on proper technique and routines to get the most benefit out of every minute you are in the gym. I tell everyone that a personal trainer makes all the difference in the world between just going through the motions of a workout and maximizing the benefits to be gained from that workout. Setting those appointment times creates the commitment and accountability piece I needed as well. Personal training services are an investment in your own health and well being…you’re worth it! Thank you staff of PFT!”

Jackie Doyle

“Performance Fitness Training was just what I needed. I had always been a walker and wanted to work on upper body strengthening. My trainer was very focused, knowledgeable and gives precise instructions. We have worked well together and I have been pleased with my results. The training and fitness have become a way of life, it has helped my body and mind. I highly recommend PFT.”

Joanne Paul

“I see a big difference in her, both physically and in self confidence.”

Scott Carter, of daughter Madison a senior in H.S. preparing for college life

“I approached PFT for a consultation in the winter of 2012 asking for help with strength training dn ardiovascular fitness in preparation for some upcoming Army National Guard requirements I had. Immediately, I was set on a path towards accomplishing those goals by introducing me to the entire PFT team. Working closely with nutrition counseling, I better understood the role of smart eating and meal planning. This was a huge help. Pairing me with my trainer to set training goals and working closely 2-3 times/week in the gym was unbelievable. Enough cannot be said about the care, commitment, and level of involvement from all the PFT staff. Throughout the whole process I felt like each member of the staff was interested in my success and encouraging me to reach the goals. This aspect far exceeded my expectations. After 6 months of working closely with the pFT team, I feel like I now have the skills to manage my diet intelligently, plan and execute workout programs and lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.”

Matt Smith; Husband, Father, Business Owner, Soldier

“I have never been athletic or interested in exercise or caring about what I eat. In fact, I have never really spent much time in a gym. I was going through a rough time in my life and not feeling good about myself. A co-worker suggested I try out PFT. I was hesitant at first but was willing to give it a try. I quickly grew to love it. My experience with PFT has been great. It has introduced me to a new perspective on wellness and much improved my health and attitude. It has become a weekly routine to which I very much look forward to. My trainer is positive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very effective. She makes every session worthwhile, rewarding and even fun. I have expanded my knowledge on healthy eating, exercise, and strength training. It has improved my self confidence as well as physical fitness. This was certainly one of the best personal investments I have made. I strongly recommend PFT to anyone interested in improving their quality and experience of life and fitness.”

Jen Matheny

“Performance Fitness Training has helped me with my work ethic and overall strength more than any other training facility ever has. My strength and abilities have increased in ways that would not have been possible without the guidance and push from PFT. They have helped me with my athletic explosiveness and customized my workouts to my specific football schedule. I have gained over 30 lbs. of lean mass since I started working with them and I would not have been college play ready if it were not for their knowledge and abilities to push me further and harder than ever before. I have a jump start on what college will bring me in training and all the credit and thanks go to PFT. The trainers know how to get me to where I want to be at the next level. They have taken me above and beyond where I thought I could be.”

Matt Johnson, Bishop McDevitt QB, Bowling Green QB

“I have only been with PFT for about a month or so when I started to improve my physical fitness and try to correct the limited mobility I have with my right arm as a result of a rotator cuff tear I suffered several years ago. Surgery on the shoulder failed to completely restore the complete mobility of my arm. With the instructions that I have received from the staff of PFT I have already noticed within this short period of training a slight improvement in my mobility. I attribute this change into the excellent staff support and training that I have received from PFT.”

Edward Stanley

“PFT has allowed me to finally live the lifestyle that I’ve always wanted – a healthy one. From the first day I started working out with the team I saw results. I lost weight, body fat and became more heart healthy. Not only do I have a better self image, I’ve been able to inspire others to get healthier. PFT are professionals who know their stuff! They listen when you tell them your goals and help you achieve them. The trainers are also very easy to work with and everyone on the staff has a different but fabulous personality. I owe so much to your team – thank you!”

Ewa Roman

“Working with the PFT team over the years has really helped to develop my body that has translated into athletic. With the strength and nutrition programs, I have been able to put on muscle growth and good weight that before was difficult for me to do. The motivation and drive that is provided helped me to go above and beyond my original goals to get the most out of my workouts.”

Alex Landis

“The weight training that I have been doing with PFT has been invaluable. MY quickness, foot speed, power and overall strength have improved incredibly. Since I started weight training, I put on 12 pounds of muscle, but even more impressive than that, my USTA Middle States ranking in Boys 18s has risen to #6! This is the highest it has ever been and I believe without the time and effort put in off the tennis court, the high ranking could not have been accomplished. In addition, training with PFT has also helped my mental toughness. The positive attitude my trainer brings to each workout session really makes a big difference and has allowed me to train to my potential each time. I would definitely recommend PFT to anyone that is interested in serious training that reaps huge benefits”.

Doug Caplan

Wow! I cannot believe the journey I have been on for the last 6 months with PFT. I knew this was the year to “take care of me” and get back on track with my fitness and health. Before PFT, I had begun a walking/running routine and lost 10 pounds in 3 months but then seemed to get stuck. Then I started with PFT and in 6 months I have lost an additional 30 pounds, many inches and truly feel 10 years younger! I came to PFT with short and long term goals including weight lifting competitions, firefighter combat challenges and bettering my 5K run times. The PFT team really listened to my needs and immediately started me with nutrition counseling and workouts. The entire PFT team constantly expresses a genuine interest in my progress. Of course YOU have to put in the work but having my trainer has been awesome! I have gotten the support and motivation that I could never have achieved on my own. Every workout session is tailored to my goals and the constant encouragement has been a catalyst in attaining some of my long term goals already! If anyone is wondering what PFT can do for you just make a commitment to yourself and begin your journey!”

Marlene Cosner

“PFT helped me achieve my post pregnancy weight loss goals. I lost all of my baby weight within four months and have never felt better. My trainer developed a custom-made training program tailored to my individual needs that helped jump start my fitness level. I look forward to each session because my trainer always met me with a positive energy that kept me motivated throughout my training. I highly recommend PFT to anyone considering personal training because they offer great professionals who will produce great results. Thank you for all your hard work, motivation and time!”

Hilary Hartung

“I have been doing personal training with PFT and I can’t say enough great things about them. My trainer has been a huge motivator and provided me with amazing support in my efforts to lose weight and become a healthier and stronger person. Participating in bootcamp sessions has also been a very positive experience. The help and encouragement from the trainers while working with them has given me a new outlook on exercise in general – it CAN be fun!”

Michelle Snedeker

“It has been 4 ½ months since this whole process began and I have never felt better in my life! My fibromyalgia pain has been reduced by half and my overall stamina and feeling of well-being have dramatically improved!”

Susan Boyer

“This program is making a HUGE change in my physical and mental life and I’m enjoying every minute of it!”

Lexi Burkholder

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