Performance Fitness Training’s mission is to help all our clients overcome their limitations and amaze themselves with what they can achieve. We provide the tools to create and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, regardless of age, and work to help our clients improve their physical strength, mobility, appearance, and performance for a better quality of life. We offer personal training & nutrition coaching in facilities and for outdoor training in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, and Hanover.  We offer virtual personal training for those seeking the convenience of us coming to you whether you live in Central PA, another state, or are traveling!

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Meet Our Trainers

Nate | Performance Fitness
Nate | Performance Fitness

Fun fact:

Training Director at Mechanicsburg.

For over a decade, Nate has been coaching clients how to become the best versions of themselves while keeping fitness fun! A certified trainer through NSCA, he is determined to get you results.  Nate enjoys playing flag football and baseball in his free time.

Nate works with both in-person and virtual training clients.

Andrew | Performance Fitness
Andrew | Performance Fitness

Fun fact:

Certified personal trainer with ISSA, Andrew has been training for more than 6 years, giving his clients undeniable results and teaching them the skills to make it last! Lifelong Buffalo Bills fan, attends any game he can.

Doug | Performance Fitness
Doug | Performance Fitness

Fun fact:

ACE certified trainer, Doug has been working with Performance Fitness Training for 2 years, giving clients the ability to overcome any obstacle and the confidence to go along with it! Co-leads outdoor senior walking group and enjoys trail biking.

Samantha Stewartz | Performance Fitness

Fun fact:

B.S. in Kinesiology and over 16 years experience in the fitness industry, Samantha is beginning her 10th year with Performance Fitness Training.  She has a passion for helping people reach their goals in fitness and in life and believes great things come from discipline and hard work.  She enjoys writing, anything outdoors and finding the humor in life.

Megan Negley | Performance Fitness Training
Megan Negley | Performance Fitness

Fun fact:

With a BS in exercise science and a certified trainer through ACSM, Megan has been working hard to get people into the best shape of their lives since 2008! Loves spending quality time with her 3 adorable children.

Mitchell Hoffman | PFT
Mitch | Performance Fitness

Fun Fact:

Mitch is a certified trainer with American Sport and Fitness and loves the process of practically applying his knowledge and experience to help clients.  Mitch has placed multiple times in NCP Men’s Physique competitions!

Jeremiah Stitt | PFT
Jeremiah Stitt | Performance Fitness

Fun Fact:

Jeremiah played over 3 years of collegiate baseball before becoming a personal trainer.  He has personally succeeded in his own 70+ pound weight loss and is a mixed martial arts enthusiast!

Evan Holdren | PFT
Evan Holdren | Performance Fitness

Fun Fact:

Evan is certified through NASM and loves all sports but especially soccer.  He played soccer for quite a few years and still plays regularly.  Evan is a huge movie buff!

Kobe Kaufman

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Fran Blank

Bio coming soon…

Tony Mutyambizi

Fun Fact:

Retired Army NCSA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Tony has over 35 years of experience in the fitness industry. He’s a graduate of the Univ. of Maryland with a BS in Kinesiology and a former collegiate football player and a former Natural Mr. Maryland bodybuilding champion. He has helped thousands of clients reach their fitness goals and is well versed in all aspects of training from weight loss to strength, functional, rehabilitation and speed and agility.

Alexandra Contreras

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Zac Einhorn

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