Performance Fitness Training’s mission is to help all our clients overcome their limitations and amaze themselves with what they can achieve. We provide the tools to create and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, regardless of age, and work to help our clients improve their physical strength, mobility, appearance, and performance for a better quality of life. We operate in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, and Hanover.

Meet Our Trainers


Fun fact:

Caitlin is the Facility, and Training director for the Harrisburg location. As well as the corporate office manager.


Fun fact:

Training Director at Carlisle and Mechanicsburg .For over a decade, Nate has been coaching clients how to become the best versions of themselves while keeping fitness fun! A certified trainer through NSCA, he is determined to get you results.Nate enjoys playing flag football and baseball in his free time.


Fun fact:

Certified personal trainer with ISSA, Andrew has been training for more than 6 years giving his clients undeniable results and teaching them the skills to make it last! Lifelong Buffalo Bills fan, attends any game he can.


Fun fact:

Quirky and loved by all his clients, Zach has been changing people’s lives through fitness training for almost 5 years! With a BS in exercise science and a CSCS through NSCA, he is passionate about helping clients reach their goals! Has been playing the trumpet since middle school.


Fun fact:

Over the past 4 years, Taylor’s love for health and fitness becomes contagious to anyone who works with him. With an associate’s in exercise science, this ISSA certified trainer is guaranteed to make you smile while making you work hard! Has been playing baseball since he was 5 years old and continues to play any chance he gets.


Fun fact:

ACE certified trainer, Doug has been working with Performance Fitness Training for over a year, giving clients the ability to overcome any obstacle and the confidence to go along with it! Co-leads outdoor senior walking group and enjoys trail biking.


Fun fact:

NASM certified trainer with a drive to help make fitness work for YOU! Kyle has been training for the past 3 years helping dozens of people reach their full potential! He also plays the drums in a band called “One Trick Grizzly”


Fun fact:

With a BS in exercise science and a certified trainer through ACSM, Megan has been working hard to get people into the best shape of their lives since 2008! Loves spending quality time with her 3 adorable children.


Fun Fact:

ISSA certified trainer who is pursuing her passion of helping others be the best versions of themselves! She’s an Army veteran who served 8 years as a full time helicopter mechanic and also enjoys powerlifting!

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