Author: Tom Altadonna

Get SMART About Your Goals!

Tell me if this sounds familiar: This year, I’m going to go to the gym and lose weight! If this sounds like your New Year’s resolution every single year, then you’re reading the right blog. Every year, I meet tons of new gym-goers who are so excited to start exercising […]

If You Rig It, Strength Will Come

Functional fitness has become quite the key phrase the past 10 years.  We’ve evolved from Jane Fonda step choreography in your living room to entire families swiping their gym key tags each week.  We know that a gym is a home for fitness, so we invested in rig systems.  Why?  […]

Pump up the Jams for Fitness Motivation!

Music is a powerful tool to increase fitness motivation for your next workout.  It can also enhance the actual work out.  Music can increase focus, promote higher functioning levels, and set the stage for a wicked air guitar.  Great workout playlists are the Reebok Pumps to your ear!  We can’t […]

How To Get a Summer Body in 6 Weeks

The countdown to summer has begun but don’t worry your pretty little head.  You can get a summer body before it’s time to lounge by the pool or in the sand without an extreme diet or workout plan.  Focus on a few key areas to make big changes just in […]

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