Author: Tom Altadonna

Weight Training for Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight, weight training is your new bestie. Weight training will help you to increase the lean muscle mass on your body and therefore, your metabolic rate.  Your caloric requirement will then be increased to support that muscle integrity.   The accumulation of adaptive responses that occur […]

5 Tips for Being More Confident in the Gym

Gyms can be intimidating for various reasons but before you write them off, follow these 5 tips for building confidence in the gym. There is a formality to the 4 walls of a gym that directly contributes to your success. It is a destination – a designated area for specific […]

HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss

It seems everyone wants to know about HIIT for fat loss.  Let’s get the skinny on High Intensity Interval Training. What does HIIT consist of? This style of training involves “bouts of very high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times”.  HIIT can not only help burn fat, but help […]

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