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Do it in Groups, it’s Way More Fun!

Exercising can be fun, doing it with a friend can be even better. Semi-private, or small group, personal training is a great way to get yourself started on your health journey. It’s the perfect middle ground between large group fitness classes and one-on-one personal training.


Semi-private personal training gives you the opportunity to workout with a partner while training with a fitness professional. Many couples join the gym together with likeminded goals of losing weight, getting stronger, and bettering their health, and what better way to do that than together? Having a partner to workout with keeps both of you accountable to show up to your sessions and work towards the goals you have set. When couples workout together, it challenges them to make good changes as a unit. This could be eating out less, exercising more often, or selecting healthier options at the grocery store. So often I hear about how my client is coming in to workout with me while their partner is a couch potato and has no interest in the gym. This can impact the way that their children view health and fitness, and can influence them to make poor choices because their partner is not supportive. Inviting their partner, friend, or spouse helps spread the impact of health and fitness to others and keeps them and their loved ones happy and healthy.


The balance that comes with semi-private personal training allows clients to not get lost in large group fitness classes. A class with 20 or 30 people can be intimidating for first-time exercisers and you don’t get the personal attention that comes from one-on-one training. This can lead to lack of confidence in performing the movements or even injury when exercises aren’t done with good form. With semi-private training, you get the full attention of the fitness professional but you also get the company of someone that you are comfortable with. Semi-private sessions can also be executed in many different styles to fit all exercise preferences and fitness levels which keeps you engaged and moving throughout the entire session–and coming back for more!