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Personal Trainers Never Stop Learning

Fitness requires ongoing education and experience. Personal trainers never stop learning.  We have a passion for fitness and people, but it is our incessant hunger for more information and ways to practically apply it with our clients that sets us all up for success. So, how does a one get […]

A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer

Personal training does not fit what would be considered to be a “traditional” career path. With hours being set mainly by client availability, there isn’t necessarily a “9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday” set schedule. Without that set schedule, a trainer lives their life around the availability of their clients.  Whether a trainer is […]

Does Virtual Personal Training Work?

Virtual personal training has long existed in the world of fitness once it became possible for people to communicate long distance via the internet. Trainers would send clients exercise programming to perform in their local gym facilities and after doing so, the clients would report back on the week of […]

Don’t Let the New Year’s Resolutions Fade

Following a Nutrition Plan to Carry You Through 2021 The New Year always brings about some form of a common goal for many: Get in shape. For those trying to lose a couple pounds, to those trying to gain some muscle for the now-impending swimsuit season, it’s imperative to not […]

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