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Over the years, we’ve collected a wealth of information about fitness that we’re just dying to share with you! Learn some new tips and tricks about getting in shape from our fitness-focused blog posts.

HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss

It seems everyone wants to know about HIIT for fat loss.  Let’s get the skinny on High Intensity Interval Training. What does HIIT consist of? This style of training involves “bouts of very high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times”.  HIIT can not only help burn fat, but help […]

Balanced Diets for Busy Parents

Many parents have inevitably become “stay-at-home” parents while bringing work home with them.  Balanced diets for busy parents is more crucial now than ever before! With the blur between work, life, and parenting, sometimes it’s hard to find time for eating the way our bodies need us to.  But, they […]

Personal Trainers Never Stop Learning

Fitness requires ongoing education and experience. Personal trainers never stop learning.  We have a passion for fitness and people, but it is our incessant hunger for more information and ways to practically apply it with our clients that sets us all up for success. So, how does a one get […]

A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer

Personal training does not fit what would be considered to be a “traditional” career path. With hours being set mainly by client availability, there isn’t necessarily a “9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday” set schedule. Without that set schedule, a trainer lives their life around the availability of their clients.  Whether a trainer is […]

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