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Woman cleaning gym equipment

Stay Healthy In The Gym & Avoid Getting Sick


If you become aware and then prepare, you can stay healthy in the gym this 2020 Flu Season.  Take extra precautions and have extra considerations for those around you so we limit the spread of germs and illnesses as we all work to get HEALTHIER in the gym.

Keep Your Immune System Strong

  1. Get proper sleep.   The average adult needs between 7-9 hours of sleep per night to fully prepare the body and brain function for the following day.   Just because you can operate on just 5 hours sleep doesn’t mean that’s all your body needs for optimal function and performance.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids.  Your body is made up largely of water.  Water is necessary to flush toxins from organs and carry nutrients to your cells.  It is also vital to cushion your joints and help to digest food.  8 cups of water is the traditional recommendation but it can be argued that men need closer to 13 cups and women to 9.  (Caution:  if you have heart failure you may need less.  Talk to your doctor!
  3. Exercise.  You can better manage your weight with consistent exercise (and #4) as well as keep your body physically fit.  All of which help to boost your immune system.  Flu season 2020 will not win!
  4. Eat right.  Your body is a machine and you must fuel it as one.  Limit alcohol and sugary foods to help your machine run better and more efficiently.  Give it good, nutrient dense fuel.

All these habits help you to stay healthy in the gym even before you step into it!

Be Cognizant of Your Gym Behavior

  1. Bring your own gym towel.  If you sweat a lot, be courteous to others by bringing and using a gym towel to wipe access sweat.  You can also use your towel as a barrier when on equipment. 
  2. Dress accordingly.  Gym fashion is strutted all over but you do not want to be overly exposed during cold and flu season.  The flu strain is strong this year and with the growing concerns of the COVID-19 illness, it’s even more important to understand how to protect yourself.  These illnesses spread though close contact with others and through the vapor droplets expelled through sneezing, coughing, etc.
  3. If you’re sick, stay home!  If you’re experiencing symptoms of illness do yourself and others a favor by staying home for a few days.  This doesn’t mean ceasing your workouts all together but it gives you and your gym friends peace of mind and the time to recover.

Being aware is the first step to taking effective action to keep you healthy in the gym!


  1. Gyms are cleaning more.  Gyms are taking extra precautions to keep you safe by using the gym disinfectant on the equipment more frequently during this time of year.  We use strong sanitizer that is still safe for spraying in close quarters but is marketing to kill the strongest of bacteria.
  2. Members should clean, too!  You are your own best advocate for your health so take extra responsibility in the gym.  Use the disinfectant spray before and after you use a piece of equipment.  Bring your own towel and be sure to wipe down all pads, handles, and anything you touch as you workout.  (For cardio equipment – be sure to spray the towel and not the console as it can cause electrical damage.)
  3. Wash your hands often!  Hand sanitizer is available in the gyms and is handy to keep in your car console or purse as well.  Wash your hand often and thoroughly after touching equipment, before eating, and any other opportunity you get.  Don’t touch your face and now is a great time to break that nasty nail biting habit.

We sweat and move and with attention on extra cleaning we can stay healthy in the gym!

Fight Flu Season 2020 – Knowledge and Preparation Can Keep You Healthy!