Virtual Personal Training

At-home fitness is certainly not easy, but it’s something we’ve been forced to become familiar with in order to stay safe. Without access to certain equipment, a dedicated space, or others around to motivate you, it can be tough to know how to get the same results as you would in the gym. But our certified personal trainers are here to help you stay on track for your fitness goals, in a way that suits YOUR space and YOUR at-home lifestyle.

When life hands you lemons, ya know?


How Our Virtual Personal Training Works

Virtual Fitness Consultation
FREE Virtual Fitness Consultation

We’ll meet with you to discuss what your goals are, what your current fitness level is, your medical history, and the setup that you have available for at-home exercise.

Virtual Fitness Consultation
Training Plan Developed, Tailored to You

No two clients of ours follow the same fitness program. We’ll develop a virtual plan based on your exact needs and limiting factors to get you on a healthy track to a fit lifestyle, including how to use your resources to get the same effect as being in the gym.

Virtual Yoga
Online Exercise Sessions

Following your guided fitness plan, we’ll join you in scheduled one-on-one virtual sessions, motivating and coaching you through each movement and exercise to make sure you’re reaping the fitness benefits and executing them properly. We’ll adjust the regimen on a regular basis to make sure you keep growing towards your goals.


Virtual Personal Training Plans


If you’re self-motivated, but just need some guidance on navigating the world of at-home or online exercise, this is the perfect program for you.

1 - 2 Sessions Per Month
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This plan is ideal if you’re looking for regular and consistent check-ins from our fitness professionals as you’re steadily working towards your goals. We’re happy to virtually provide you with new movements and routine adjustments so you won’t plateau.

1 - 2 Sessions Per Week
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For the gym gurus who have found themselves in an unfamiliar environment, this plan is for you. We’re dedicated to helping you get results FAST, for personal fitness goals or sport-specific training, even if that means within the walls of your home.

3 - 4 Sessions Per Week
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